When I first introduce myself to people and let them know I am a first year teacher, their first response is often, You’re a first year teacher? Oh, you must [insert random assumption here!]

What People Assume About a First Year Teacher

People seem to have a lot of assumptions about teachers and love to share them! Below I list some of the most inaccurate and accurate assumptions I have heard about being a first year teacher.

1. As a teacher, I must live in a perfectly tidy house

While my classroom may be organized to perfection, unfortunately, I can’t say the same about my house! As my evenings are often spent sourcing teaching supplies or marking school books, often the tidiness of my house becomes a low priority.

2. I must have no bad habits

While I would never swear or show my frustration in my classroom, I am not a perfect person! Teachers are human and we all have bad habits, from occasionally swearing to indulging in junk food at the weekend.

3. I loved education, especially high school

It’s a joke I’ve heard frequently, I must have loved high school so much I couldn’t bear to leave! While I do love working in a high school environment, that does not mean I enjoyed studying there. From a young age, I knew I wanted to be a teacher and so I found my years in high school and college frustrating at times as I knew I just wanted to teach!

4. You must love your students

This assumption is, of course, true. As a first year teacher, I feel a special connection with my class as they are the first students who I have been able to build a personal relationship with. I truly do love my students and that is why I don’t mind going above and beyond for them.

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