About Us

Teachers are our most important national resource. Unfortunately, teachers are often underpaid and under-appreciated by their employers, meaning that they do not have the funding necessary to carry out their plans or to bring their big classroom ideas to fruition. In fact, they may not even be being paid enough money to live on without getting a second job.

According to PayScale.com, the average yearly salary for teachers is $47,581, but can be as low as $29,000 or less. This lower number is very common, and it is far below the nation’s average salary, which can range from $44,000 to $53,000 per year. Many teachers are only paid around $11 per hour, which is just 50 cents above minimum wage in many states.

This is where TeacherFunder comes in.

What we do

TeacherFunder was created in an effort to support teachers who are trying to make a difference in their schools, their community, and their students’ lives. Whether a teacher needs money for a field trip, classroom supplies, a new set of books for the class, or just some funding in order to keep their head above water financially, TeacherFunder is here to help. With just three easy steps, teachers can start receiving funding via donations from the public, and finally making the money they deserve.

How to get started

TeacherFunder makes the sign-up process quick and easy to understand, removing red tape and connecting teachers to funding sources without any hassle. Teachers simply sign up via the link on the home page, then create a profile. Your teacher profile can include a photo, and a short biography.

This is the place to let people know why you deserve funding and how you plan to use it to better yourself and/or the people around you, so be as descriptive and open as possible! The more compelling the profile page, the better chance a teacher has of gaining funds. Teachers can use their profile page interact with parents and students from their school – the people who know them best and would be most likely to want to help. Links to the teacher profile page can be shared anywhere, including the teacher’s social media page.

Once these steps are complete, all the teacher has to do is wait to receive funds. That’s it! The process is quick and painless, and teachers can start earning money right away.

Our promise

Unlike other sites, TeacherFunder has a 0% platform fee. 3.9% + $1 is taken from each donation for us to process through our merchants, but other than that, the money is all yours. TeacherFunder wants teachers to have the money they need to pursue their goals and to keep making this world a better place. Teachers are the key to our future, and TeacherFunder wants to make sure that future is a bright one.