About Us

TeacherFunder is an innovative platform that allows teachers to get the funding they need to provide our students with the outstanding education they deserve.

If you’re a teacher, sign up today.

Dedicated teachers are shaping our society’s next generation of leaders, but they don’t always have the funding they need to put together new projects or even buy new supplies and resources.

PayScale.com states that the average yearly salary for teachers is $47,581, but it can be as low as $29,000. This means that many teachers are making barely above minimum wage for their work – sometimes as low as $11 an hour. On top of that, many school districts are underfunded, which means that many teachers pay for supplies out of their own pockets and bring their work home with them, without any overtime pay.

At TeacherFunder, we believe that both our teachers and our students deserve better – and we’re giving you the power to do something about it.

What we do

We give teachers an easy way to raise money for the things they need the most, on their own terms. On our site, teachers can create a profile and parents and other supporters can donate to them directly. Teachers get to keep all the money they raise, unlike with other education fundraising initiatives, where funds are split among all the grant recipients.

With TeacherFunder, educators can get the money they need to buy quality supplies for their classroom, take kids on a life-changing field trip, spend the funds as they see fit, or participate in training initiatives so they can give their students an even better education.

How it works

It’s incredibly easy to get started with TeacherFunder. As a teacher, all you need to do is log on and create an account and a profile. Once your profile is set up, people can start donating. Our profiles are easy to share on social media, and your students’ families will love it because they will know that everything they are giving is going directly to their child’s education.

On your profile, you can upload a photo and post a biography of yourself and the work you are doing. A compelling bio is key to success, so don’t be afraid to spend some time on it. Since our profiles are so easy to share, you can even use them to reach donors online who you wouldn’t necessarily interact with face-to-face.

Once you receive donations, you can withdraw them immediately and get to work providing an amazing education for your students.

Our promise

We believe that funding should go to teachers directly (without the middle man), so we have a 0% platform fee for our teachers, but 2.9% + .30ยข is taken from each donation for merchant processing fees – we absolutely do not charge anything – we solely rely on tips. Unlike other platforms, you won’t be charged any hidden fees and you will have direct access to the money you’ve raised right away.

Here at TeacherFunder, we’re committed to supporting the educators that are doing so much for our kids and our communities. Sign up with us and start raising money for your classroom today.