Teacher morning routine: Be ready! When you’re a teacher, getting up in the morning can be difficult, especially when you work so hard during the day. But having a great morning routine can really set you up for the day ahead and have you feeling energized, ready to inspire your class.

Teacher morning routine

These top tips for revitalizing your morning routine could change your work week forever!

Say goodbye to your phone

So many people wake up in the morning and begin scrolling through their social media or e-mails, but this only sets you up for a day of stress. Step away from the screens and have some much needed ‘me time’ in the morning, whether that’s doing a short yoga session, eating a nutritious breakfast or making a cup of tea.

Give yourself some positive goals

There’s no better time than the morning to crystallize all the things you want to achieve before the day is done. Grab your journal and create a short list of any important things you want to do and feel the satisfaction as you tick them off during the day.

Give yourself plenty of time

It might be tempting to set your alarm as late as possible or hit snooze more than a few times (we’ve all been there!), but waking up earlier is a better way to start the day. Instead of racing out of bed, you’ll feel more relaxed when you can take your time to do the things you enjoy. Just make sure you get to bed at a reasonable time the night before.

Prepare in advance

This isn’t exactly something you do in the morning, but it will help make your morning routine that little bit easier. Making your packed lunch the night before or even preparing the ingredients for breakfast will mean you’ll have fewer tasks to do before leaving the house. Leaving any marking or lesson preparation until the morning is a big mistake too, so make sure you wrap up all your teacher business the evening before.

We think keeping your mornings simple is the best way to start your day. Let us know how you like to do yours!