Ami LaDuc

(Mrs. LaDuc)

Location Pin Location Pin Fulton NY

Hey, I'm Ami

I have been teaching for over 22 years. I have found that the more I love my kids, the more they achieve. I can teach so much more if they feel safe and welcome.

"Love your students and they will conquer the world."”

G Ray Bodley High School

Location Pin Fulton, NY

60 Students

9th, 11th Grades

24 Years experience

Since 1996

What will the funds be used for

I am starting an "Unbirthday Project" with my students this year. Each week, I will celebrate two students with an "Unbirthday" recognition. They will be given a small gift, their names will be posted, and the other students will be encouraged to celebrate them. I am grateful for the help. I think this will really lift the spirits of my students. Thank you in advance to anyone who would like to contribute!

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