Alexandraiah Bollman

(Ms. B)

Hey, I'm Alexandraiah

I am a mom of two and starting my fourth year teaching at Paseo Pointe in Laveen, AZ. I have taught there since the school opened and I have been developing the program into a fun, interactive, and educational environment for my Pre-K through eighth grade students.

“Some people think music education is a privilege, but I think it’s essential to being a human being.” Jewel”

What will the funds be used for

I have started a modern band class at school where students learn to play guitar, bass, drum set, and keyboard. It’s a Rock Band 101 class! The kids love it, but because we have larger classes I sometimes do no have enough instruments for every student. I also teach in a Title 1 school. This means this could be the only way these students are able to learn these instruments because their families cannot afford to purchase one. I would like to buy more guitars, basses, keyboards, and some cajons.