For teachers, 6th grade is truly the age of the tweenagers. The time when students aren’t quite ready for the grown-up clutches of high school but are far too adult for elementary school. This leaves them in a specific type of limbo, and for some students, it certainly can be a confusing time.

But as educators, we’re more than used to the fledgling hormones, copious body spray, and challenges that this specific age range can bring.

Some of the time, it can be a struggle, but most of the time, we wouldn’t change our 6th graders for the world.

Here are twelves reasons why 6th grade is the best for teachers:

Some of the time, it can be a struggle, but most of the time, we wouldn’t change our 6th graders for the world.

1. Our students still need us

– but not quite as much as they once would have. In this age range, our class is quite capable of communicating what they want and need. Quite a difference from the landscape elementary school teachers have to navigate to support their students properly.

2. Our students experience so much growth.

Middle school is an exciting new world for students, and as such, we see them evolve, grow, and blossom right before our eyes. That shy new student at the beginning of the year can soon be an active member of the class by week two or three.

3. They can hold a proper conversion.

While middle-schoolers certainly won’t share their thoughts quite as freely, we can hold a proper, almost adult conversation with them. Which is always a nice bonus.

4. Students get their first taste of learning in a new setting.

6th grade brings new ways to learn to our class, and we get to experience the wonder and excitement of learning new things in a new way.

5. 6th Graders have far more imagination.

From hilarious jokes to sweeping, wonderful stories, by the 6th grade students will be able to entertain you just as much as you entertain them with increased reading and writing complexity.

6. Your students will all be quirky in their own way.

At this age, every student does have their own quirks and personality, helping you tell them all apart easily.

7. They’ve learned to sit still.

While teaching smaller children comes with its own rewards, by the age of 11-12 your students are more than capable of sitting down and listening for the full lesson period.

8. Each day is different.

Middle-schoolers may think they’re grown up, but with all the drama and emotion there are plenty of opportunities for each day to change in the blink of an eye. You’ll be kept on your toes, but in the best possible way.

9. You’ll always get an honest answer.

Middle-schoolers just don’t have that same filter older kids have. So if they don’t like your new hairstyle, or hate your sensible teacher clothes? You’ll soon hear about it right to your face. Just don’t take it seriously, and you’ll learn to love the compliments that come along with the complaints.

10. Your students will always be keen to learn.

6th graders seem to have this inherent sense of curiosity built-in. They’re always keen to learn something new, especially if they have fun in the process.

11. You can have a real impact on their lives.

Your students are in some of the most formative years of their lives, so your support, passion and education can make a real difference to how they do in the future.

12. Every single day is rewarding in its own way.

Maybe you’ve got a particularly challenging student to engage with the class, or you’ve managed to get everyone involved in a particular active lesson. If you know where to look, the rewards for teaching 6th graders are plentiful – and there’s much to be thankful about, too.