A motivator. A listener. A role model.

Those are just three of the many attributes that inspire your learners, including me, each day. So hey my teacher BFF, here is my little thank you note for everything you have done to bring the best out of me.

1. Thank you for being hard on me

There were days when all I needed was that extra push of confidence. And there were days I just needed someone to sit me down and get real with me. In both times, you were there with me. I truly appreciate every moment you generously gave me constructive criticism. Thank you for the patience and for being hard on me when you knew this was what I needed.

2. Thank you for being honest with me

Those assignments that I rushed at midnight because they were due the following morning? Yes, I knew some were not good enough. Thank you for being able to honestly tell me that. Most importantly, thank you for helping me work on making it excellent.

3. Thank you for motivating me

With tens of students each looking up to you for inspiration, it’s very easy to get burned out. And I get it. Thank you for getting out of your way to motivate and push me when I was lagging behind in class. Your inspiring words made all the difference!

4. Thank you for making the class fun

There were days the class was painfully boring. But you always had a unique way of creating a fun and engaging classroom environment, activities, and assignments that made learning quite interesting. Thank you for investing extra time and effort in ensuring that learning was fun and exciting.

They say the best teacher gives criticism, compliments, and advice that last a lifetime. Thank you for being that teacher to me. 🙂