For every new teacher, those in their first three years of their teaching career, the school year can seem like a daunting obstacle.

What Every new teacher should know

Dealing with students, fellow teachers, administrators, lesson plans and after-school activities… it can almost seem like too much! But, if you get the most out of you and your students, it can be the most rewarding profession imaginable.

Teachers are the real leaders of the world. YOU launch our children into the world with the tools necessary to build incredible lives.

Fundamentals of effective teaching

Below are 5 tips for keeping yourself on the right track as a young teacher!

1. Build trust and reliability by being authentic

Be you in the classroom! Students are far more likely to respond to you if you are yourself than if you try being what you imagine is the ideal teacher. If you remain true to you, your students and fellow teachers will respond positively and make your life much easier!

2. Remain organized

The first few years of teaching are so overwhelming that it is easy to get unorganized. If you stay organized, you can keep the chaos at bay. Find a system of organization that works for you and stay on top of it!

3. Get to know your students and fellow teachers and faculty on a personal level

Being a teacher is about far more than teaching. It is about being a friend, a colleague, a mentor, an inspiration, a shoulder to cry on… Being a teacher is about building relationships.

4. Understand the individual needs of each student

As the year rolls on, learn each student’s personal peccadillos. Learn every student’s likes and dislikes. Learn to recognize their good and bad days. Know how to tell if each and every student is happy or sad. That will allow you to encourage their happiness or help them when they are blue.

5. Follow your gut, even if it means taking a chance

Sometimes it is easy to fall into a rut and start following the same pattern every day. Instead of allowing yourself to move into the doldrums of comfort, try new things. Take chances! See how your students respond! Some of your best teaching methods will come from you taking chances.

Most importantly, put you first! If you keep yourself in a good place, you can help your students do the same. And remember, you are important!

How do we help teachers?

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