Children have a real thirst to express themselves creatively from a young age.

Tips for teaching kids and teens creativity

Even if we as adults have a difficult time deciphering what exactly it is they’ve painted for us in class, we will hang this new piece of priceless art on the fridge all the same. But creativity should not be confined to the classroom, we should be promoting creativity at every available opportunity.

Embrace all forms of content creation

Kids love drawing and painting from a young age and while some love and continue on painting and drawing as a creative outlet, other content creating abilities are opened up when kids can read, write and begin to be able to build structures.

  • Journalling and creative writing is an excellent way for a child to creatively express themselves through words
  • Playing with lego bricks, Playdoh or even building online worlds in Minecraft help kids who want to build structures and create tangible things
  • Learning an instrument or singing in choirs can help kids whose passion lies in musical ability

No matter what it is that your child shows a genuine passion for, embrace this and allow them the creative license to explore it.

Encourage reading for fun

Teaching your kids to read, not just for education, but also for fun, will help them develop an understanding of world building in their head rather than passively be shown content on a screen. Limit screen time to no more than two hours a day, and promote reading as a fun activity when screens are put away.

Allow kids to enjoy what they do

The worst thing that a parent can do is spoil a fun activity by suggesting that an achievement can be made from it. Whether your kids are good at writing, painting, science or dancing, unless they want to further these activities, do not suggest they have to.