When you think about trying to teach kids to be an individual, it is a hard concept to wrap your head around. No one can show another person how to be authentically individual because that flies in the face of the meaning of individuality.

Tips for teaching children individuality

So how exactly can we impart the idea of the individual to a kid who will likely push hard to follow the crowd? Here are some tips to help foster individuality in kids.

Let them try lots of new things

Kids are like sponges: they want to soak up a lot of knowledge quickly when they are young and try a lot of new experiences. When they are a little older they will naturally gravitate towards a few of these activities and settle on a couple of their favorites.

Allow kids to try a host of different activities so they can find their own passion:
  • Cooking
  • Sports
  • Chess
  • Dancing
  • Art
  • Martial arts
  • Music

All of these activities will help kids to grow, but the most important thing to remember is to encourage the ones they want to do.

Go to events with them

Does your kid like to swim? It would make sense to take them to the pool often so that they can practice swimming. But what if your kid likes medieval history? Find out about events close by to you that fit in with your child’s passions like renaissance fairs and castle tours to share in their passion.

Encourage them in their individuality

Kids can be swayed into following the crowd if they have no built up a strong enough passion or lack the self-confidence to go against the current. Make sure that they know how awesome they are and how great their chosen passion is. Be loud and proud about it so that your kid sees that their passions are awesome.