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We take 0% commission on all donations and only keep running on optional tips

We take 0% commission on all donations and only keep running on optional tips

We're here to help you receive the funding you deserve. We believe teachers are our most important national resource. That's why we're bringing donors to you!

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Receive funds immediately. All funds are released each night at midnight PST.

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We charge a 0% platform fee on all donations and rely solely on tips from Donors.

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You get to keep all donations - you do not have to reach your goal to receive funds.

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TeacherFunder is a platform designed specifically to benefit teachers, with the development of learning materials, classroom supplies, other educational funding and to show thanks. Unlike other donation sites, our focus is solely on providing teachers with the funding they need to do their best work. Donations are immediately accessible, and we offer an experience that’s quick, friendly and effective for teachers and donors alike. If you’re struggling to fund new classroom equipment, you require help to make an educational trip happen, or you’re simply looking to refresh your room itself, TeacherFunder is here to help you!

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Commonly asked questions

General Questions

When can I receive the funds?

As long as the transaction is successful, funds will be paid out each night at midnight PST.

Your Account Questions

What can the funds be used for?

We already know teachers spend their own money on school supplies - that's why we trust teachers to choose where to allocate their funds. You get to choose!

Donations Questions

Do funding goals have a time limit?

No. However, goals will reset each new school year.

Withdrawal Questions

Does TeacherFunder charge teachers?

No, we solely rely on tips. However, Stripe (our payment processor) charges donors 2.9% + $0.30 per donation.