From those venturing into the world of teaching for the first time to those looking to set their sights on a career in a new setting, there are many reasons why you may want an excellent teacher cover letter when it comes to finding the job of your dreams.

Without a strong, engaging and compelling cover letter, it’s far more likely that your experience, credentials and insight will be missed by potential employers.

Teacher cover letter examples

As with any new role, a large part of landing that perfect teaching job is showing yourself off at your best. An excellent, concise and well-written cover letter can provide the groundwork to successful interviews. If you can sell what you do as well as any publicist could, then you stand a much better chance of landing that ideal job. After all, if you don’t sing your praises, who will?

From letting employers know about your passion for teaching to providing excellent insight into all you can offer their schools, classrooms or education roles, a cover letter is the best place to start. We’ve got a few of the best cover letter examples out there to put you on the right track to landing that next teaching position.

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Teacher cover letter examples: a few quick tips and tricks to help make your cover letter shine from the very first word:


In the majority of cases, you’re racing against the clock to capture the attention of a potential employer.

Here are just a few pointers to help you create the cover letter that will land you that next role:
  • In many cases, you have less than 30 seconds to impress, provide information and offer insight – so when it comes to your cover letter, don’t go over what you’ve already written in your resume.
  • Opt for impactful, short sentences that give a potential hiring director all they need to know in seconds.
  • Talk about why you’re a good match and what you can bring to the table, so it’s well worth impressing in as few words as possible.

Let them know why you’ll be a great hire

Think you’re the perfect fit for a particular role? Then you need to convince your potential employer of that.

Here’s what you can do to emphasize why you’re an excellent match for their job opening:
  • Explain your talents and skills, and why you’d be the perfect fit for their position.
  • Carefully read the job description before writing your cover letter, and ensure you talk about all the key points required.
  • If the job requires specific skills or abilities, ensure you mention these in your cover letter to reiterate why you’re the person for the job.
  • Be the person to solve their problem, and explaining how you can is vital to proving you’re the person they need to interview.

Shine bright, not dull.

You want the person who reads your cover letter to want you on their team!

A generic cover letter just isn’t going to cut it when it comes to education. Every single job you apply for should include a simple, unique cover letter. This applies even for similar roles, so instead focus on the district and location of the position if there’s little else to differentiate it.

Your goal is to meet and exceed their expectations, and a generic cover letter shows less initiative, as well as less enthusiasm, for the advertised role. You want to put your best foot forward for every opportunity, and a personalized cover letter is the best way to start. Feeling more confident about your job search?

Here are a few of the best teacher cover letter examples out there to help you get started:

1. First-time teacher

With solid examples and references to experience, as well as being personable and friendly, this cover letter is ideal for first-time teachers. Enthusiastic and positive, it offers a strong case for the application looking to become a teacher.

2. Special education teacher

Similar in style to a typical teaching cover letter, this letter for a special education teacher goes above and beyond with specific experience and information. With information tailored towards working with special education students, it demonstrates the strengths and abilities of the teacher perfectly.

3. Teacher assistant

Designed with a slightly different style, this cover letter for an assistant teacher position makes use of bullet points to explain the applicant’s accomplishments effectively and quickly. Perfect for busy hiring managers and condensed for quick reading.

4. Experienced elementary teacher

Short, brief and concise, this simple cover letter holds all the information required by potential interviewers without being too floral or complex. This no-nonsense approach is perfect for teacher transitioning to new roles.

5. Technology teacher

Professional, formal and more classic in style, this cover letter lends itself well to technology-based roles where professionalism might be preferred. With a focus on practical skill, this cover letter says all you need to know succinctly and effectively.

6. Reading specialist

Written for a specific reading specialist role, this cover letter for teachers can also be tailored to similarly specialized positions within education. This is especially true for roles that go beyond standard classroom teaching.

7. School counselor

Emphasizing the applicant’s academic background as well as their other achievements, this cover letter is more technical than others on our list, but it is perfectly suited for school counselor-type positions.

8. Middle school teacher

With plenty of passion and engaging writing, this middle school teacher cover letter provides insight into why they want to work with the age range, as well as some of the beneficial skills they can bring to the position.

9. High school English teacher

As with many high school education roles, it’s necessary to provide ample information and guidance on your strengths and skills – something this cover letter does well. Focusing on teaching at a high school level and the additional skills required, this cover letter goes above and beyond to provide relevant information.

10. Library media specialist

Highly confident and effortlessly informational, this cover letter offers a unique way to create an application that sells itself. Highlighting qualifications and past relevant work, you’re sure to stand out with a cover letter like this.

11. Sports Coach

With a memorable opening line to hook them in, hiring managers will want to read more about you after that one sentence. Set yourself apart with bold statements and a positive philosophy, and you’re far more likely to succeed.

12. Math teacher

Short and to the point, this cover letter for a math teacher focuses on their top skills and qualifications, without rehashing the contents of the applicant’s resume. Versatility and competence are the top teaching skills touched upon here, ideal for teaching math.


Sometimes it may feel like you’re never going to find a job or find that better position. You may be a substitute teacher, a new teacher looking for work or a teacher wanting to get back to work after years of not working.