Everyone wants to be thought of as a good friend and everyone wants to have good friends to rely on when times are both great and tough. So it should come as no shock that a vital life goal for you as a parent is to instill the qualities of what a good friend should be in your children.

Teach children how to be a good friend

While everyone will have their own ideas of what is the most important traits and qualities to have in friends, there are a few that will be important to everyone and should be taught to our kids.


No one wants to be friends with a nasty person or a bully. In fact, most people actively avoid those people from their school years when they’re adults. Teaching kids to be kind to their friends is a key quality they will need throughout their life.


Sharing is obviously a vital skill that children must be taught from a young age, but once they have mastered sharing their toys because they have to, make sure your kids are also sharing with their friends because they want to.

Telling the truth

Friends should not be afraid to tell each other the truth, even if it could hurt the other’s feelings. Children are usually not shy about telling the truth, but they need to know how to do this in a constructive way so as to explain themselves in a non hurtful and effective manner.

Standing up for one another

What good is having a friend if they will not have your back when things go wrong? Teaching children how not to be a fair-weather friend, and how to stick up for a friend if they are being bullied or even calling out a friend who is bullying another, is vitally important.