How to promote on social media

Social media networks are one of the best ways to get information out to people around the world very quickly. Social media sites connect people who share interests, and so they are a great way to promote your teaching profile and find genuine funders from around the country and your city who connect with your story.

Even if you’ve never used social media before, it is very intuitive and you will get the hang of it quickly. Here are some helpful tips for creating the perfect social media posts for your TeacherFunder page.

The more you share, the more people will be engaged

Don’t be afraid to go in-depth in your social media promotion to really grab people’s attention. Photos, videos, and personal stories of your goal, needs, wishes, hopes, and aspirations for yourself, students, and your classroom will make a big impact with your social media connections.

There have even been studies that show that posts with images always get more attention than those without. These posts are also much more likely to be shared, which leads to exponential growth online.

Publicly thank your funders

Everyone wants to feel that they are valued, and it shows that their support really is important. By recognizing your funders and how important they are to your teaching career, people will be much more likely to share and encourage their friends to fund your goal.

Do not be afraid to use direct messaging

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all have excellent direct messaging platforms that you should take advantage of. Direct messaging allows you to say more about your page, and you can also answer any questions the potential funder has directly.

Direct messaging feels very personal, and it provides the functionality of email with the efficiency and convenience of a social media site.

Do not overthink it

One of the best things about social media is that it is so simple to use, and yet it can be so effective. It only takes a few clicks to get the word out there about your page and goal. If you haven’t yet posted on social media about your page, do so right away. At the very least, you can copy and paste page’s URL on to Facebook or Twitter and share an instant update.

As your TeacherFunder account is growing, it is very important that you set up social media profiles for your teaching needs to be shared. Having an active social media presence is a great way to draw people in and make them a part of your teaching story.