How to create an incredible profile

Once you have your fundraising goal and details filled in, focus on writing YOUR incredible story.

Capture the attention of your viewers by appealing to their emotion. Don’t be deceptive. Be honest and clear about your story and teaching needs. Remember: all viewers are potential funders.

1. Give your story a narrative structure

To ensure your story and teaching needs are easily understood and while containing all of the important information, make sure it has a beginning, middle and an end.


Introduce yourself and share your story (your teaching career). Make sure it is clear what you’re needing funding for (items, field trips, projects, etc.). The sooner your objectives are clear, the sooner a viewer will engage and become emotionally invested in your story.


Be as specific as possible regarding your needs and how the money will be spent, a potential funder will appreciate knowing exactly what their donation will achieve.


Thank the viewer for taking the time to learn about your story, even if they don’t financially contribute. Encourage the reader to share your story on social media and try to end on a positive hopeful note.

2. Include multiple images

As the age-old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. In today’s digital world this saying is as relevant as ever, adding multiple pictures to your campaign can help a viewer visualize your story. This humanizes your profile and further helps an individual form an emotional connection with your story.

Plus, the more photos you have helps the viewer relate to your needs.

3. Consider the flow of your story

Nothing is more challenging to read than a large chunk of text. Break your story into small paragraphs, each focusing on a different point or element of your story. This will ensure your story has a natural flow to it and readers can easily find important details of your campaign. Why not also try adding isolated sentences:

Like this.

This technique can help to add emphasis to any important information you are communicating.

4. Read, re-read and re-read again

You want the focus of your story to be on your fundraising goals, so don’t let any misconstrued meanings, grammatical errors, deceptive or distracted text or content conflict with your viewer. Ask a friend or family member to read your story before re-publish your profile. Make sure your story is communicated as clearly as possible and looks professional.

Follow these 4 tips to ensure you are presenting a captivating story to potential funders. Above all, remember to speak from the heart with honesty because it is your passion for teaching which funders will ultimately support.