How to choose a goal and boost funding

Goals are a wonderful tool that you can use to energize your supporters, drum up publicity, and increase your financial success in your teaching career. Goals are an easy way for your followers to monitor your progress.

However, it can be difficult to know how high to set your goal. You want it to be high enough to motivate supporters, but if it’s too high, you won’t reach it. Goals can be changed and surpassed.

Here’s what you should consider when setting your campaign goal:

Expected donation size

The first thing to consider is the average size of funding that you will be receiving. If you are expecting to receive $100 from each funder, your number will need to be much higher than if you are only expected $10 from each person.

Expected number of donations

Once you’ve figured out your approximate average donation size, you should determine how many funders will give you’ll need to provide for this school year’s needs.

You can do this by compiling a list of potential needs, such as: school supplies, field trip funding, and projects you wish to fund for the school year.

Results of comparable teacher profiles

Search on TeacherFunder for other teachers who teach what you teach, are in your area, school, etc. that are similar to yours. Their results are a good guide for how much you can expect to receive.

Marketing potential

This is another important factor that can catapult a teacher. Think about the social media channels that you are using to promote your profile’s link and how many people you will be able to reach with them.

You should also consider reaching out to local media and any local niche organizations that might respond to you.