How do I promote my profile via a referral URL?

One of the best ways to gain traffic to your campaign page and increase funding is with a referral URL that links directly to your TeacherFunder profile.

Promote your profile by following these three easy steps!

Where do I locate my profile URL (web address)?

  1. Visit your live profile (public view).
  2. Highlight and copy the URL in your browser’s address bar.
  3. Add the URL to emails, social media posts and printed promotional materials.

We recognize that a profile name can result in a long URL that causes unnecessary headaches when using offline printed materials like brochures, mailers and posters. Sometimes it’s necessary to shorten the address. Several online URL-shortening services exist. To find one, use the keyword “URL shortener” in an online search.


Some social media sites no longer permit the use of shortened URLs in posts because of security risks. Instead, they automatically shorten long URLs.