TeacherFunder was created to support teachers who are trying to make a difference in their schools, their community, and their students’ lives.

We believe that it is vital that users, of all types (teachers, funders, and visitors), understand why we developed our rules and why such practices will ensure a vibrant, trustworthy, and safe community on TeacherFunder.


Essential protections

We work diligently to ensure that all accounts on Teacherfunder are legitimate and present their goal, story, and needs with honesty and transparency. If you believe an account is in violation of the following rules, please contact us.

These measures include preventing fraudulent accounts from using our site as well as keeping your data safe and secure. Without trust, the crowdfunding dynamic collapses and our platform will not be able to help the teachers we created TeacherFunder to serve. By utilizing both automatic and human-backed security measures on a 24/7 basis, we are here to create a safe environment that yields positive results for all users.

In addition to these verification and monitoring practices, we also work to implement the feedback that we receive from our community. We want teachers to do their part in providing only truthful and accurate information to our community, and encourage them to create a robust experience for their audience interested in their teaching needs. Without our zero-tolerance policies, we could not offer a platform that achieves our mission.

Our community relies on funders to create vibrancy

We want you to feel secure when you visit our platform, with the knowledge that all teachers are truthful and that your data is secure. Without you and your engagement, TeacherFunder cannot reach its true potential. There are a lot of wonderful teachers who need funding for many different reasons, but who rely on your involvement to thrive. Our transparency, and that of the teachers, help to create an environment that provides our funders and visitors with a meaningful experience.

Even when our teachers experience roadblocks and setbacks, there is still room for all parties to have a positive experience. When the platform is used as intended, everyone can win. Teachers and Funders alike can benefit from the robust tools we offer for communication and engagement, and we encourage all teachers to create an experience that includes their funders and viewers at a deep level.


Follow our Terms of Use

We expect all of our users to follow our Terms of Use and provide our community with an honest and worthwhile experience. If you have an experience where these terms are not being honored, please let us know. We do not tolerate anything less than total adherence to our community guidelines and expectations. This expectation applies to teacher, funders, and visitors.

Tips for funders and visitors

Use due diligence

Evaluate each teacher before getting involved. Make sure that the mission of the teacher is in-line with your own goals and that you fully support their intended use of donated funds. Feel free to reach out to the teacher to answer your questions and provide any additional information that you may want or need. Direct messages and comments are a great way to engage teachers. Fill free to message the teacher if you have any questions or concerns.

Don’t be shy

If something doesn’t feel right, or you notice something amiss, please let us know. Our community is only as strong as our participants and we rely on real-time feedback to hold everyone accountable.

Tips for teachers

Tell donors everything they need to know

It’s easier for people to get involved when they know your whole goal, story, and teaching needs. Visitors and funders want to learn about you, your prospects, your classroom and how funding may enhance your life, your classroom, and your students lives.

When you create a full profile that clearly states your need and your intention, it can help to raise the engagement level of your visitors and funders. Don’t be afraid to share personal details that help the reader gain an emotional understanding of your situation. Give your audience a compelling reason to get involved and support your teaching needs.

Interaction is key

After filling in your profile completely, be sure to follow up with updates and interact with your community. Allow your visitors, followers, and funders to join you on your journey by keeping them up-to-date about your challenges, shortcomings, and successes.

Your funders believe in you. They want to see you shine and they want to enhance your teaching career.

The stronger your front-end efforts, the better your results

Take the time to do your research up-front. Understand how you want to share your TeacherFunder page and interact with funders and the larger community. Check out pages on the site which can assist you with creating a successful profile. Understand your audience by sharing your story and build strategies to create a strong community.

Connect with teachers

Just because you are a teacher does not mean you can not follow your colleagues or other teachers in your school, city, state or across the United States. Teachers love to connect so befriend a teacher you know or would like to get to know. Learn from other teachers as well.

Your feedback

Your feedback is important to us, and is something that we take quite seriously. Don’t be afraid to ask us for help, or point out areas of concern to us. We want this community to work, and full engagement by all parties is key to that success.


In this spirit, we also expect all teachers to adhere to our Terms of Use and Safety & Rules to create a meaningful experience for funders. We expect teachers to maintain a robust profile and to communicate with the community on a regular basis. Dormant campaigns will be reviewed for removal from the platform.


We take trust and transparency seriously, and will remove teachers that are in violation of our standards. This includes fraudulent profiles and those that do not maintain a high level of engagement and communication with funders.

Honesty & Integrity

Our team is here to maintain a high level of honesty and integrity on our platform and to monitor all users and their behavior. We do not tolerate bullying or intimidation, nor will we allow behavior that creates an unwelcome atmosphere for funders and teachers alike.

Evaluate before you fund

If you are considering funding a teacher, be sure to do your research and engage the teacher prior to making your donation.


We take every step to offer a community of honest brokers, but unfortunately, there are also bad actors who attempt to circumvent our safety measures. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns that you may have, as our goal is to create a platform and community where you feel safe and secure when funding a teacher you care about.