From the outside looking in, the life of a high school teacher may seem easy and straightforward. Is it easy or can it be difficult?

Life as a high school teacher

Teachers have long, luxurious summers and only work the hours of a school day, right? Wrong. The life of a teacher can be very challenging and complex.

The work day

Contrary to popular belief, teachers don’t only work the hours their students are in lessons and their workday ends much later than most parents suspect.

The average day of a teacher can look something like this:
  • 8am – Arrive at school and begin preparing for the day ahead
  • 9am until noon – Solid teaching hours
  • Noon until 12:30pm – A short lunch break
  • 12:30 until 1pm – Sit with any students or colleagues who require a one-on-one meeting
  • 1 until 3:30pm – Solid teaching hours
  • 3:30 until 4:30pm – Host extracurricular clubs or attend staff meetings
  • 4:30 until 6pm – Mark student work and create lesson plans for the following day/week

Holidays and weekends

Teaching is a career that can be very hard to leave at the end of the day. For example, if a teacher doesn’t want to spend a large portion of their weekday evenings marking books in school, they will have to take the work home with them and complete it in their free time, usually at the weekend. Equally, while summer break may seem like a long and relaxing vacation for teachers, a large portion of it is usually spent by teachers in summer schools or in summer camps across America to subsidize their modest salary.

Aside from the physical workload that teachers often have to cope with in their holidays and weekends, there is a mental load that teachers have to deal with too. When dealing with matters as important as a child’s well-being and education it can be hard to not let thoughts about work dominate their mind when they are trying to relax and have a break from the school environment.

Teacher Funder

Although incredibly rewarding, the life of a high school teacher can be both physically and mentally draining. If you have an idea about how to improve the life of local teachers in your area, visit the Teacher Funder website today and see what difference you could make!