One of the most common questions we’re asked is if TeacherFunder safe. The short answer is yes, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t added necessary precautions. However, limited information has led some people to believe crowdfunding is unsafe and this acts as a deterrent.

So, is TeacherFunder safe?

Below we will consider some essential security requirements.

1. SSL connections: the first layer

An SSL connection is created when an encrypted link is established between a browser and a web server. SSL stands for “Secure Sockets Layers”. An established SSL connection ensures the personal data shared on a crowdfunding platform/page is secure and protected. Before you enter any credit or debit card information, you need to look for the little lock in the web address. This lock means you are on an SSL secure connection. You should also look for “https” in the web address, as that’s what an SSL connection uses.

2. Trust and safety departments

Crowdfunding relies on personal connections: friends, family, neighbors, etc. Due to the close nature of these relationships, there is a high level of trust in crowdfunding. On those grounds, some crowdfunding platforms have devoted entire teams to the safety and trust of your personal information and your donations.

These departments are the protectors of the crowdfunding community. Their job is to invent and advance various technologies to help keep peoples private information safe. Due to the fact that many of the situations they see are complex, these departments often rely on a variety of highly specialized skills to ensure a successful job. This may include contacting the FBI or even working with local law enforcement agencies. It could also include tracking international money laundering cases or handling small financial disagreements. All in all, trust and safety departments are there to make sure the crowdfunding platform is safe for anyone who chooses to use it.

At TeachFunder, we have a support team in place that can help answer any queries or worries you may have over security or the safety of crowdfunding.

3. Beneficiary safety concerns

A beneficiary is anyone who benefits from your fundraisers. So, the person you are raising donations for, whether it’s for students, friends or co-workers.

To avoid liability for any funds, it’s a good idea to connect the fundraising campaign with the person or persons you are raising money for. One of the biggest concerns with crowdfunding is the worry that the funds raised may end up in the wrong hands or be sent to the wrong place. Most crowdfunding efforts are trustworthy and safe, but having a beneficiary system in place ensures that you as the campaign organizer have the option to ensure the funds do end up in the right location!

When choosing or considering a crowdfunding platform, consider those that do offer a beneficiary system where you can send the beneficiary a direct invite to receive the funds. For example, with Teacher Funder, you would be raising money directly to you, to benefit the classroom and teaching. This means you have the ability to be directly connected to the campaign. By directly connecting the beneficiary, they will have their name on the campaign, and they can directly withdraw the donations. This is the type of platform that Teacher Funder is. The beneficiary connection adds a level of safety and transparency that donors like and appreciate.

Is crowdfunding safe?

Crowdfunding has the ability to transform lives, but when you use Teacher Funder, you have the chance to change students’ lives too. In an economy where the majority of teachers are paid little and there are not enough funds and resources in schools to provide the best education for children, it’s important we have a crowdfunding platform that allows teachers and students to benefit and receive an education they deserve.

Crowdfunding achieves all these goals through the inherent belief that people want to help each other and the overall power of people in general. However, it’s important that crowdfunding platforms are kept safe.

For the most part, the people who are using crowdfunding platforms are genuine people with a genuine desire to help others, and when the select few who wish to tarnish this trust, there are lots of safeguards and measures put in place. For example, we utilize both human-backed and automatic security measures on a 24/7 basis to help provide a safe environment that creates and inspires positive results for everyone who uses the platform.

While it’s no small challenge, we hope that this article has given you some insight into how PCI compliance and FTC compliance has provided a great starting point for crowdfunding safety. We also hope you now have the tools and know-how on how to look into the other ways that crowdfunding platforms go above and beyond these standards to help ensure their platform is safe and secure for all users. Fraud protection, PCI, FTC compliance, Fraud Protection Guarantees, and Beneficiary Safety all play a crucial part in the overall integrity of a crowdfunding platform.

If you ensure the platform you are using is compliant with all the above factors we’ve spoken about, then there is no reason crowdfunding isn’t safe. Donate to a teacher today!