Whether your child is in need of a bit of help with homework, or simply eager for knowledge, these safe and fun educational websites for kids and students are the perfect go-to platforms for everything learning.

Why educational websites for kids and students is important

It is an issue shared by tutors and parents alike: Children need some time with an iPad, but do you want them spending that time playing Candy Crush or sharpening their virtual makeover skills? You would feel great if they spent their time online on free educational websites for kids.

From these platforms, your youngster will enjoy wholesome content that is both challenging and entertaining. Most importantly, you will have the peace of mind knowing that the screen time is not just mindless or, worse still, toxic.

If you want to enhance your youngster’s online learning experience, check out these 11 educational websites for kids to develop the curious little-minds in your home:

1. National Geographic Kids

By banking on National Geographic’s reputation for breathtaking reportage about exotic wildlife and the world’s cultures, National Geographic Kids comes with a plethora of high-quality visual learning tools and programs. Reading level is appropriate for learners as young as second graders and might even provide some motivation for class reading instruction.

The platform also has a games section that lets the learner explore topics like national parks, code breaking, recycling, settling in Jamestown, Greek gods, and animals.

2. Khan Academy

This list would not be complete without mention of Khan Academy. This free online platform aims to promote self-paced instruction using thousands of videos that are designed into guided, adaptive instruction. Focusing on mathematical techniques, Khan Academy also provides video tutorials on subject areas like arts, science, economics, and computing.

They also offer prep tests for GMAT and SAT.

3. Curious World

Designed to prepare youngsters for kindergarten, Curious World offers three ways to enjoy the application: short videos, eBooks, and educational games. You can download the application for free with a 7-day complimentary subscription.

You will start by setting up your tot’s profile, with the ability to create up to 5 profiles per account. Each eBook comes with “Read to Myself” or “Read to Me” options with professional narrations. The engaging videos are ideal for preschoolers as well. One of Curious World’s amazing features is the Parent’s Dashboard from where you can monitor your child’s activities in the “Learning Areas.”

The app’s flashcards feature lets you set your youngster’s age and subject area you want them to learn.

4. Agnitus.com

Agnitus.com provides a personalized learning experience through its collection of literacy and math games. These games increase in difficulty as the learner progresses from one stage to the next. Besides teaching academic skills, the site’s games also address other topics like career choices to brushing.

Available through monthly subscriptions, children have access to available games, and parents have weekly access to their kids’ progress reports via mail.

5. FarFaria

A once-upon-a-time library, FarFaria is home to over 1000 ebooks, with new ones being added on a weekly basis. The app encourages parents and kids to “Explore the World” by browsing books by genre. Reading levels range from Level PK for preschoolers to Level S for grade 4 learners.

Depending on preference and ability, learners can opt to listen on auto-play, read to themselves, or read along as words are highlighted. You can opt for a monthly or yearly subscription.

6. ABCmouse.com

ABCmouse.com is a great resource for introducing your youngsters to the computer. By following the learning path provided in the platform, your child will build confidence in using computers as well as with other materials. Designed for 2 to 7-year olds, ABCmouse.com’s lessons are visually appealing and feature activities and games that are both fun and easy to absorb.

Your kid will listen or read books, play games, color or listen to music as they progress through customizable learning levels developed by teachers and experts.

7. Spatulatta

Spatulatta takes learning to the kitchen with a rich collection of recipes and corresponding videos for instruction. Once they have logged into the platform, kids will find fun craft projects like how to build an aquarium or how to make turkey cupcakes.

Designed for kids who love to cook, Spatulatta offers inspiration while making cooking safer, tastier, and more enjoyable – exactly what you need to turn your picky eater into a budding chef.

8. Funbrain

Fun Brain, a beautiful site for youngsters at the preschool through grade 8 levels, comes with more than 100 fun, interactive games that enrich learners’ skills in reading, math, and literacy. The platform’s games help learners build on what they have learned in the classroom.

This makes the platform an excellent supplement for learners who may need additional practice outside of their classrooms.

9. BrainPOP

BrainPOP comes with hundreds of animated educational videos on a range of topics, all of which are enriched with fun and interactive activities, quizzes, and games. The material is designed for learners in grades 3 to 12 and covers subjects such as social studies, science, math, art, health, and technology. BrainPOP is ideal for an individual as well as group learning.

10. Babytv.com

Launched in December 2006, Babytv.com provides a rich user experience with educational content that is both interactive and fun for both parents and children. The site also offers a library of articles written by industry experts with children in mind.

The monthly subscription fee depends on the platform your little one will be viewing on- iPad, Kindle, etc. as well as the features you plan to use.

11. PBS Kids

Jam-packed with hundreds of games, videos, and other learning resources, PBS Kids lets your little one explore the net with one of the same friends you remember from their favorite PBS TV shows like Curious George and Elmo. Some of the site’s key features like Wild Kratts, The Great Word Quest, and Webonatus Internet Academy add more fun to learning and virtual adventure.

Available subjects include science, arts, and social studies. Kids also get to learn self-direction skills, academic development, self-reflection, and critical thinking.

Educational websites for kids summary

There is a ton of free educational websites for kids out there that you can use sign up with to help your youngster learn and practice math and literacy skills among other subject areas. These content-rich platforms can be reliable go-to sites for young ones all year long without worrying about their safety in the cyberspace.

Use them with your kids to pick up new skills while building solid foundations in science, math, and creative learning.