While many of us simply assume they’re just doing their jobs like any other professional, even the parents of their students don’t realize how often these educators go above and beyond. In particular, many teachers dig into their own pockets to provide a better quality of education to their students.

Teachers give until it hurts

Every year, teachers go out of their way to help their students succeed. This often means digging into their own savings to provide items that the parents of their students can’t afford. If it weren’t for these generous teachers, many students would be insufficiently prepared for school and would start off at a disadvantage in comparison to their classmates.

While it’s easy to envision teachers giving up portions of their income to provide the typical supplies, many teachers do so much more. They often provide supplies that may not be required to complete the student’s schoolwork, but help them function better in a social setting. If it weren’t for these donations, many students would face challenges that would inhibit their abilities to function with their classmates.

The supplies teachers have been buying for their students range from the expected to the unusual, including:
  • Pens/pencils
  • Textbooks and notebooks
  • Personal hygiene products
  • Clothing
  • Paper

Drawing Attention to a Growing Problem

Often, school budgets just aren’t enough to cover all of the needs of the school’s students. This means parents must provide some supplies that will help their children learn and get more out of their class work. When those children come from low-income families, finding them the adequate supplies can be a challenge in itself.

For families within low-income communities, taking action to help raise money for their child’s classes can help alleviate the burden placed on teachers. This begins with open communication between teachers and the parents of their students.

By working together, teachers and parents can determine the needs of students and create fundraising events to benefit the children. This is an opportunity for everyone in the community to get involved in raising money for students in need.