Amanda Gazinski

(Mrs. Gazinski)

Hey, I'm Amanda

My name is Amanda Gazinski and I am a Dual Language Kindergarten teacher. I have been teaching for 4 years now! I am finishing my Masters in Educational Technology and I have a passion for teaching my students skills that will prepare them for a technologically enriched future!

Technology will never replace great teachers, but technology in the hands of a great teacher can be transformational.”

What will the funds be used for

"Ms. Shaffer can I listen to my reading again?", was the question that rung out after my students recorded their own audio books. They had used my professional microphone to record themselves reading a book we had been practicing in class. Even my reluctant readers came alive in front of the microphone, ready to listen to their own voices echo back what they had just read.

Every day my Kindergartners log in to their Chromebooks using their unique 8 character passwords, use their bookmarks to access an array of websites, scroll, drag and drop, use their keyboard to type answers to math problems, and so much more.

While they are only five years old, they impress me everyday with their tech skills.

My Kindergarten class is made up of 44 amazing and very diverse students. Many of my students receive free or reduced lunch and breakfasts. Their thirst for knowledge is my inspiration. They want to read, yesterday.

My Project

We are trying to purchase shelves that computer desks for our classroom tech center. We currently have one table laid out for computers and we are using every other surface available to us, but it has lead to accidents that have been detrimental to our technology.

These shelves will provide students with an organized and spacious work space while they hone their technology skills.

I picked out these shelves based on their durability, size, and their functionality in the classroom. By using all three shelves as work space, students will have the room and resources available for them to work independently.