Adan Ortega

(Mr. Ortega)

Hey, I'm Adan

I have worked within education for the past 18 years

“Do not fear failure but rather fear not trying””

What will the funds be used for

Students go through so many supplies throughout the year. Many students are able to bring their own and for those that can not, i always purchased materials for them. I want all my students to start their first week without any stress or worries. The funding will be used to purchase materials and supplies for math stations and my newly added assignment science. I would love to have my students have everything they need in a classroom to have the most engaging lesson as possible.

What i would also like to see in my classroom is flexible seating. Students are consistently moving and always seem uncomfortable sitting in a hard chair. I would like to have a few sitting areas in my room that will give students a different environment to learning and working in groups.