Aaron Kierbel

(Mr. Aaron)

Hey, I'm Aaron

"You are closest to mastering your craft when your presence enhances but without you the class still dances." Chris Emdin”

What will the funds be used for

I teach at an underfunded public school in one of the poorest areas of Oakland, CA. I teach drumming classes to middle schoolers 2 days a week at West Oakland Middle School. The kids love my class and parents say it is a lifeline for them to have a positive outlet.

The funding will help transform the drab, unattractive music room into a more positive, warm and flourishing space that promotes calm and wellness as well as help them see the space that is worth taking care of--a mini oasis or sanctuary for the kids to provide a small piece of mental health amidst a school environment and urban landscape that usually causes abnormally high levels of stress for them.

Im imagining posters/artwork of positive role models, warm lighting, sensory options for the kids that need a little break, and other touches that will enhance the space.