Managing your classroom can be a difficult task – but what if there were easy classroom management hacks?

Keeping your classroom running smoothly and efficiently is crucial in helping your students to get the most out of every day. And all teachers can find new and unique ways to save time and increase productivity.

8 easy classroom management hacks for teachers

So, to help you do exactly this, here are eight easy classroom management hacks.

1. Weekly planning chest of drawers

A simple 5-tiered chest of drawers is the perfect way to organize upcoming plans for each day of the week. Label each drawer Monday to Friday and fill it with worksheets and other essential materials.

2. Sit spots

Sit spots are simply stickers placed on the floor where each student then sits. It gives everyone their own personal space and saves you time and hassle spent organizing where everyone sits during an activity.

3. Have set up time every evening

So as to ensure every day gets off to the best start, make sure you allocate 15 to 30 minutes at the end of every day to prepare for the next one. This could include organizing materials, arranging chairs or anything else that needs doing.

4. Flip cards

Give all of your students three colored cards. Green for “finished”, orange for “still working” and red for “I need help”. That way, students can work through their questions and you can walk around and slowly help those in need. Rather than children’s sitting with their hands up for a long time.

5. Sound check card

On the wall, have a mock microphone. On this, you can place a peg at the corresponding level of noise the classroom should have. As this level changes, clap your hands twice so all children take notice and clap back to show they have understood.

6. Pictures on the wall for how to organize

To help keep things orderly, hang pictures on the wall above certain items to show how they are best organized. For example, above arts and crafts buckets.

7. Individual whiteboards

So that all students can have a say in discussions, give them all a whiteboard and marker. Then, everyone can all write their answers down and show them at once.

8. Create team leaders

Every week, divide the class up into small groups and assign a different team leader in each one. That student can then take responsibility for gathering paperwork and homework and handing it to you.